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Relecura Recap 2015 – A spotlight on some of our high-impact features


Relecura has been enhanced on several fronts during the course of the last year. Some of these improvements have been documented previously. Kicking on from a complete revamp of the user interface, we spent some time building modules that significantly reduce the time taken for typical analyses and workflows. Our enhancements have been driven by customer need and requests. Our goal is to provide intuitive features that provide effective solutions to these needs.

Portfolio Comparison Module

This is an analysis that is important in different contexts. One such context is gathering competitive intelligence, analyzing a patent portfolio for gaps in relation to a competitor or the sector in general, getting licensing leads based on the comparison and the like.

Portfolios may also be created putting together patents addressing different sub-technologies. These portfolios can then be compared, to quickly determine the top parameters in each, and the holdings of different assignees. Yet another related application could be the comparison of buckets created within a portfolio to validate them and ascertain that they are as desired.

Comparison analytics are available in both tabular and visual form. Various graphs are available to plot the parameters of the individual portfolios. In addition the comparison may be displayed using any one of the Topic Maps.

The user initiates the module by selecting the portfolios of interest from the Saved Searches area. Handy tabs are available on the left-hand side to enable one to cycle through the different comparison views. 

Custom Graphs

We have significantly improved the earlier Custom Graphs module by adding many more visualizations and providing a greater degree of customization.

In addition to accessing a number of new charts such as spider charts, heat maps, polar, pyramid, and 3D charts, users will be able to customize the color codes and labels as well.


Dashboards in Relecura can be created based on customizable templates containing widgets that display data and visualizations. These dashboards serve a dual purpose. They offer a dynamic snapshot of a set of patents of interest, which can be shared within an organization. We can create and add new widgets to the library, based on the need of the organization. Dashboards complement Relecura’s Public Portfolio and Public Document features, offering an alternate way to present and share patent data and analytics within the organization.

Shared Tags

Relecura’s Shared Tags feature supports collaborative annotation of patent documents. All the users under the same account can view and modify these Shared Tags. As before, tags may be applied to individual patent documents or groups of documents, and can be used to annotate patents in any manner the user desires. Tagged document sets may be operated on like saved search results. Visualization and analytics like Comparative Graphs, Comparative Topic Maps, and the Analysis Matrix are also available for tagged document groups. While applying tags to the documents, the user has the option to make the tags private, i.e. not visible to other users in his or her work group.

Enterprise Implementation

Enterprise implementations of Relecura typically encompass a customized version of Relecura with unlimited API usage. The custom enterprise version integrates the search and analysis of internal patent documents with published patents. Customizations can range from feature requests, to tailoring Relecura to support specific workflows of the enterprise. Specific widgets and mobile extensions to Relecura can be added as well. The installation is managed by the Relecura team, with regular updates to the features and data. Relecura Enterprise can be configured in various ways for a variety of different implementations.

Multiple platform delivery of IP analytics

Relecura delivers IP search and analytics through a number of channels including a mobile app, web app, APIs, and enterprise implementations.

The mobile app (http://m.relecura.com) provides free access to a patent database with global coverage along with features to refine, visualize, save and export patents.

Our web app incorporates many unique features such as Topic Maps, integrated assignment search, user defined tags, portfolio bucketing, public portfolios, and shareable dashboards for better landscaping, sharing and collaboration, along with supporting licensing and commercialization activities.

The Relecura API makes it possible to create custom analytics tools with curated data and analytics modules.

Custom Relecura, with its multi-platform delivery of analytics, and its ability to efficiently integrate with internal systems, is an attempt to provide enterprises with appropriate solutions for their IP analysis, and intelligence needs.

In each case, our goal is to integrate all the relevant data and make it accessible, understandable, and actionable.

Coming up in 2016

We have multiple projects in progress to incorporate features that provide fresh insights into portfolios, organizations, and technologies – along with improving the existing functionality and features. We greatly appreciate all the feedback we get from our customers and continue to listen closely to them. This year promises to be equally eventful in terms of the development of the Relecura platform. If you would like to get a demo and trial access, or reach out to us for anything else, visit www.relecura.com or connect via Twitter and LinkedIn.