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Relecura at the upcoming LES 2017 Spring Meeting

Relecura will be participating in the LES 2017 Spring Meeting next week (May 9-11). This year is, quite literally, doubly special for us since we will be on two different discussion panels during the event. Given below is a brief heads-up on each of these sessions.

The Art and Science of IP Valuation: Methods, Data and Technology for Market-based Valuation
Panel discussion: 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM, May 10.

George Koomullil, our Founder & CEO, is one of the panelists. The panel will discuss the influence of policies and events on the value of different IP assets as observed through the changes in transaction, licensing and royalty data from the market, how valuation methods used in practice have evolved in response, and the technologies available for tracking the variations in the value of IP for market based valuation.

View From the Top: Industry Leaders Discuss their IoT Vision and Opportunities
Featured Luncheon Speaker: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM, May 11.

Sankara Narayanan, our VP Business Development, will share his thoughts on the topic along with other IP executives from AT&T, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Visa. The panel will discuss current trends and revenue opportunities in technologies that fuel the IoT ecosystem, as well as the IoT verticals that are poised to grow the fastest. As IoT spans multiple technologies, the panel will also talk about the new business and licensing models needed for companies to succeed in creating products and services in this sector.

Click here to view the full meeting schedule. Stop by and say hello to George and Sankara if you are in Washington, DC for the event. We look forward to meeting you all there.