[Updates] Smart highlighting and improved data coverage

We've added Non-English data to Relecura for China, Spain, Canada, EP as well as WO. In addition, Bibliography and abstract data has been added for India and New Zealand. We have added Smart highlighting, translation capabilities, Improved graphs and many more features to Relecura.

Proximity searching has arrived!

We are pleased to announce the launch of proximity operators for searching in Relecura. In a traditional sense, a proximity operator based search would mean searching for keywords that appear within a certain distance from each other. The search strategies may sometimes require multiple combinations of the keywords using several Boolean and Proximity operators. This can often render the query complex.

[Infographic] University patent transaction trends for 2013

In this infographic, we have analyzed the university patent transactions and their overall impact. We have outlined some interesting trends such as top transacted technologies, university rankings, and filing trends over the years. In addition, data points from...

Anand’s tribute to Relecura

Anand's work on a Rubik cube mosaic and most of all his passion for Relecura left us spellbound. Here's a look at what he did that left everyone in the office amazed.

[Infographic] Patents in the smart grid related technologies

Energy leakage has been one of the major concerns in power transmission, and Grids are believed to be the culprits. However, with the latest innovations in this area, things have started to improve. Several organizations are actively involved in developing...