Music & Technology – A Winning Formula

The music industry has expanded its ecosystem by including not just the creators of the content, but also device manufacturers and service providers among others....

Evaluating IP with Custom Ratings

Ratings are widely used while evaluating patents and portfolios, despite there being differing views on what constitutes an ideal rating. Suffice to say that ratings...

Relecura at the upcoming LES 2017 Spring Meeting

Relecura will be participating in the LES 2017 Spring Meeting next week (May 9-11). This year is, quite literally, doubly special for us since we will be on two different discussion panels during the event.

Dolby Labs – Viewed in our Portfolio Manager

We ran Dolby's portfolio through Relecura's Portfolio Management module. We have used the Taxonomy Builder's Auto Taxonomy mode to partition the portfolio. We then mapped Dolby's portfolio to the taxonomy in the Portfolio Manager to analyze it. Some of the results are briefly outlined in the post.

Mind Mapping for IP Portfolios

Capture, Organize, Analyze, Report The new modules released in Relecura’s 2017 release have introduced IP Knowledge Management to the platform, an industry-first. However, there is...