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Relecura goes mobile

We are excited to release the mobile version of Relecura today. We believe this release to be a small step towards better supporting our customers and a broader IP community. Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of everyone’s life and a larger community is becoming aware of and affected by intellectual property. We believe that there is a need to provide new generation IP tools on the new platform, to this growing IP community.

At the forefront of our interest is to provide the web-based IP analytics tool, Relecura, on the mobile platform to our customers. Relecura mobile being an extension of the web-based Relecura, our customers will now be able to make searches, carry out analytics tasks, and access their saved portfolios for further processing, from the convenience of their mobile devices.

We recognize the presence of a larger community who can benefit from advanced IP tools but cannot afford or justify paying the fee associated with the products currently in the market. This is typical for students, researchers, developers, and even corporate leaders who are not involved in the mainstream IP activities. We are currently offering our mobile app free of charge to the public, as an attempt to improve the awareness and use of IP tools. As mobile devices become ubiquitous it will help a larger community to be aware of IP and also access advanced analytics tools.

As we open the tool to a wider audience we have made attempts to provide features that are more intuitive to a larger audience while being relevant to IP and the new platform. We will continue to add new features, try to improve the experience of using the tool, and strive to achieve the expectations of quality from the IP community.

Unlike many workflows for which the mobile platform is a natural fit, we find that the IP workflows involving detailed IP analysis do not lend themselves easily to the mobile platform. We have made attempts to make a lighter and intuitive version of the tool that can be appreciated by the IP analysts and the general public alike. We request you to share your ideas, suggestions, and insights to improve the experience of using the app. We will try our best to incorporate your suggestions into the upcoming releases. We hope you find the tool valuable.

The iOS and Android versions of the app can be downloaded at m.relecura.com.