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[Updates] Search enhancements – New search interface, search templates and more

We have been aiming to enhance the Relecura platform to make your experience better. Hence, we have made a few updates. Here’s a list of latest improvements we have carried out:

  • New interface for the homepage:
    With multiple ways to initiate a search under many categories, navigating across the home page was getting tedious. With the new interface, initiating a search is now very convenient.
  • Form templates:
    Whether it’s the custom advanced search or specific columns to export, you can now save these fields as templates, to quicken your search in the future.
  • Better search:
    Search query is the cornerstone of precise results. With the following new categories added to the advanced/fielded search, you can now narrow down your result set:
    – Search within Class Code descriptions
    – Inventor country
    – Original application number
  • Expansive PDF coverage:
    PDFs are now available for over 70 geographies.
  • Deep linking to patent offices:
    With deep links to 20 patent offices, you can now access patent details from the official websites, within Relecura.
  • Attorney data:
    Attorney data is now available for Canada, apart from US and EP.
  • Grouping in graphs:
    With this feature, you can group the data set in graphs by Family, Equivalents, Application numbers, as well as Disabled patents.
  • Assignment Export module:
    You can now export up to 60k transactions with complete document details.
  • Improved coverage:
    We have expanded the patent database with an additional 6 million documents, taking our total count to over 86 million documents. Recent additions are:– India grants data (full text) from 2005 onward
    – Canada (full text) from 1978 onward
    – Improved the quality of EP full text data

As always, we’d be happy to receive any feedback or suggestions. Please drop us an email at contact@relecura.com or just leave a comment here.