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[Updates] Curated technology categories, Search operator improvements, New version launch – Relecura Premier

Here is a list of changes and improvements implemented in Relecura over the last couple of months:

– Stemming disabled for proper nouns:

Stemming has been disabled for proper nouns. This gives you greater control over your search strings and will result in enhanced precision. Wildcards can be used to ensure that all the variations of a word are searched for.

– Proximity query:

Search queries can be simplified using nested proximity. You can now create complex search queries fairly quickly. Read our blog post on Proximity searching for more details.

– Refined highlighting in claims/description:

With refined highlighting, conveniently analyze the description and claims of patent documents.

– Search for normalized assignee:

Conveniently search for the variations denoted by the Normalized Company names e.g. IBM as IBM Corp, International Business Machines, International Business Machines Corp, M/S International Business Machines etc.

– Performance improvement:

Various changes to our back end infrastructure have resulted in a significant improvement in Relecura’s performance (for example, you can now export 60k document in under 10 minutes).

– Relecura Premier:

We have introduced Relecura Premier targeted at users focused solely on patent search. It has all of the features of Relecura Professional except the Patent Assignment Search.

– Custom geographies in display options:

Select the desired geography under display options to customize your universe of patent data.

– Better collaboration:

We have made sharing result sets in Relecura easier. The platform now autocompletes the email addresses of your colleagues. In addition, you can simultaneously send result sets to multiple users.

– Application grouping for citations:

Group the Citations by application numbers to get an accurate count for your analysis.

– Improvements in Export:

  • Export data in XSLX format apart from CSV and RTF.
  • Export data with neatly embedded patent drawings (in XSLS and RTF formats).
  • View real time progress as data sets are being exported.

– Search for legal status:

Search for patent documents using legal status as a parameter.

– Technology category:

Find curated tags for technology categories to better understand your search results. Technology tags are available under Browse, Explore, Graph, and Topic Maps. Read our recent blog post to know more on this.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave us a comment. If you would like to get a demo, please sign up here.