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Apple Inc. – The Iconic American Tech Giant

Apple Inc. is an iconic American multinational technology company founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Apple designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players. The company sells a range of related software, services, accessories, networking solutions and third-party digital content and applications.

Along with its arch rival Microsoft, Apple has been one of the pioneers of the personal computer boom in the 80’s and 90’s. The company came into prominence under the leadership of the charismatic Steve Jobs and quickly became one of the most recognized, respected, and valuable brands in the world.

Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, California, and maintains 498 retail stores in 22 countries. Its worldwide annual revenue totalled $229 billion for the 2017 fiscal year. In November 2017, the company’s market capitalization crossed US$900 billion. Apple is currently the world’s largest technology company by revenue and the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer after Samsung.

This report takes a closer look at the patents in Apple’s portfolio that are currently in force. It provides insights into various aspects of the overall portfolio and includes a portfolio taxonomy.

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