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Blackberry Ltd. – Plotting its Comeback with Patents

Blackberry Limited, the well-known Canadian company, specializes in mobile communication solutions and enterprise software and services. It’s Blackberry brand of smartphones and tablets occupied a major share of the smartphone market in 2009-10. Blackberry phones went out of sight as the market witnessed a major shift in 2013-14.

Along with realigning its business strategy related to smartphones, Blackberry has turned to other revenue sources that include growing its presence in the data security and autonomous vehicles markets, and monetizing its patent assets. BlackBerry owns a significantly large portfolio of patent assets that relates to wireless communications, operating systems, cybersecurity, networking infrastructure and other related technologies.

The company revamped its patent strategy towards the end of 2017 and entered into an agreement with the patent licensing company, Teletry, to grow its licensing revenues from its patented technologies. In terms of its licensing strategy, Blackberry has pivoted from a defensive stance to an aggressive one in recent times. This report takes a closer look at the patent assets held by Blackberry and provides insights into various aspects of the overall portfolio.

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