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Boost your LinkedIn Profile using your Patents

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. Along with keeping in touch with co-workers, clients and business associates, LinkedIn also enables you to build your brand, enhance its visibility, boost your profile, help you to find mentors, find new opportunities or alternatively recruit the right people for your organization.

With LinkedIn, you can showcase your skills, expertise, experience and accomplishments to position your personal brand in a manner that attracts the target audience. LinkedIn has become an important part of our professional lives due to various reasons, such as –

  • Exposure to diverse opportunities
  • Getting apprised of the latest hiring trends
  • Enabling companies and professionals reach a global audience
  • Increased brand visibility for both organizations and individuals
  • Appearance of your profile in various search engine results
  • Showcasing your expertise and positioning your personal brand

You can use LinkedIn’s Patents section under Accomplishments to brand yourself as an innovator and technical expert by showcasing your patents or patent applications.

What if you could present your patents in an interactive manner with a personal innovation index or score? Relecura’s Inventor Index (i-index) allows you to do just this with a feature that provides you with a user-friendly platform to view and measure the quality of your patents and showcase them to the world.

Relecura’s i-index and report enables you to position your professional identity or brand as innovative and unique with the inventor score. It also identifies high calibre professionals in technical areas based on their patents, which can be utilized by recruiters to evaluate and shortlist candidates.

How does it work?

Using this link, visit our Inventor Index webpage and enter your name or the numbers of your patent publications. Once you get the list of your patents, you can select the right ones and calculate their quality score. Then register and login to our system to get the link to your Inventor Index report. You can copy the link and add it to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your patents along with the Inventor Index report.

Given below is a video that guides you through the various steps to obtain your Inventor Index and add it to your LinkedIn profile.

All you need to know about Inventor Index:


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