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Welcome to the Relecura Blog

Rele = Relevance; Cura = reference to Creation (See here)

Welcome! We hope to make regular postings here about our efforts to make Relecura a truly unique platform for the analysis of patents and patent portfolios.

We have come a long way since we started this journey back in 2009. All our efforts have been directed to creating technology that would sift through large amounts of raw data, and organize it in a semantically meaningful way to deliver insights. While looking around to develop useful applications, patents came to mind as an appropriate data-set where we could showcase our technology components by building a novel platform for search and analysis. Some of our team members have prior experience in Intellectual Property (IP) licensing. This came in handy during the course of the development of Relecura, as did the feedback from our users along the way.

Today Relecura is a mature platform that incorporates all the various features to support IP-related workflows at various stages of the life-cycle. We continue to build-out Relecura for both individual users and enterprises. We have plans for adding several new features and powerful analysis modules, as well as improving and integrating the search and analysis of various kinds of data – both patent and non-patent.

The end-goal is to deliver true IP Business Intelligence to our users to aid them in strategic decision-making.

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