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The concept of Concepts

Patents describing the same core invention are sometimes filed in different application areas using varying terminologies. Hence, a generic keyword search does not always suffice to identify all the relevant patents.

Relecura incorporates elements of text analysis and machine learning, to extract key concepts from the patent documents and relates them to each other. These concepts are also provided as an additional facet that can be used to search for relevant patents. Concepts are a recurring theme in Relecura and are used not just for searching, but in features such as our Topic Maps (covered in an earlier blog post).

Anthony Trippe (@atripper) has reviewed Relecura on his popular blog at Patinformatics, LLC.  Read what he has to say about Relecura’s use of concepts and its other key features.

2 thoughts on “The concept of Concepts

  1. Noreen says:

    I agree, the biggest part of the broken patent system is largely based on the words. I am so glad there are others identifying it. does your platform make a difference?
    how can I bring this to our SUITS conference regarding patents


    1. Rubal Walia says:

      Thanks for your comment, Noreen. Yes, words can be misleading, and in patents, deliberately so. In fact, our platform does address this issue by extracting concepts from each patent.

      I am afraid we won’t be able to help you in this year’s SUITS conference. Do let us know about any future events that we could help you in.

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