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[Updates] Collaboration and sharing with analytics and “Relecura Assignee” introduced


Here again is a round-up of new features and the enhancements implemented in Relecura over the past couple of months.

  • Relecura Assignees

This is a new field that has been added to determine the current owner of a patent asset. This is especially helpful in cases where the patent document is missing key ownership data, or in many cases has no assignee data whatsoever. A set of heuristics are applied to determine this field from other documents in the kind code series and related documents in the patent family.

  • Public Portfolio

This feature makes it possible for Relecura users to share document sets with others by providing a link. The link may be embedded in reports as well. A Relecura account is not required to access a Public Portfolio.

  • Public Documents

This feature enables the sharing of individual documents with non-Relecura users and other third parties. These links may be embedded in reports just like Public Portfolios.

  • Ability to search the Non-patent Literature (NPL) citations

Users can now search within the Non-Patent Literature references cited on the face of the patent document.

  • Search History

A long requested feature, this allows the user to scan previous searches made and revisit them if required. There is no requirement to have explicitly saved each of the intermediate queries to load them back as a result set for further analysis at a later date.

  • Technology Categories added to Advanced Search

Users may now search using Relecura’s curated Technology Categories. This is available as a field within Advanced Search and elsewhere. Technology Categories are a curated classification we added to Relecura that enables a more focused search and retrieval of relevant patent documents.

  • Addition of non-US Assignment data

Assignment records for EP (Europe), DE (Germany) and CN (China) documents have been added to the database. This is the first of the non-US assignment records that we hope to add to Relecura. This gives users a way of tracking transactions in jurisdictions and markets other than the U.S.

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