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Public Portfolios / Public Documents – new feature [update]

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We have just released a Public Portfolio feature in Relecura. This enables a Relecura user to share any portfolio saved in Relecura, with a select group of collaborators or third parties. Relecura generates a link for the given portfolio that provides the access. This link can be secured with a pass code. Additionally, the sender may specify an expiry date for the link, beyond which access will lapse.

This in itself is not unique. What makes it novel is that a small subset of Relecura’s analytics and visualization features are made available to those accessing the link. They can thus, not just study the documents in detail, but also obtain analytics and visualizations for the portfolio – without requiring Relecura licenses of their own.

The sender can further set the fields of interest for each of the document. Receivers can study all of the fields of the document as available in Relecura’s document display, including the document PDF, legal status, visual interactive maps of the patent family and citations – and much more.

The sender can also set the first page seen by those accessing the link, thus directing them to visualization or graphs that yield relevant insights.

All of the above make for richer collaboration and dissemination of analytics and insights than say sharing a list of patents in a spreadsheet among a group.

To try out this feature, here is a Public Portfolio of wireless security patents. Links that lead to two different views of the portfolio are given below.

Wireless Security Portfolio [Topic Map View]

Wireless Security Portfolio [Results View]

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Update: In addition to portfolios, you can now share individual documents as well – with collaborators and external parties. No license is required by those accessing the document. They get to study all the details of the document, interactive maps of it’s family and citations, as well as other analytics. An example is given below.

[US5578839A]  Light-emitting gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor device [Public Document] One of Shuji Nakamura’s seminal Blue LED patents. Shuji Nakamura was one of the winners of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2014.