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Stay tuned for a fresh suite of features from Relecura, that broaden the application of patent analytics


We, at Relecura, have been always focused on using patent data in new and novel ways. This endeavor of ours has been guided by the following unwavering beliefs.

  • We believe that we have only scratched the surface in terms of the knowledge that can be extracted from patent and other literature related to new ideas and new products.
  • New technologies are now available to enable us to maximize the insights that can be gleaned from the above data.
  • These insights and analytics can be made contextual, and be delivered over multiple platforms across the organization.
  • The use of patent analytics to support decision making within the organization, has been steadily increasing – across functions and percolating to various levels.
  • The challenge, as always, is delivering the insights and analytics in a manner that is quick, intuitive to understand, at the right time, and in the right form for the individual to make use of.

Over the course of the past years we have experimented with various ideas, not all of which have come to fruition. At this moment however, we are happy to say that we are close to launching a bunch of new features and workflow modules over the next few weeks – that we are excited about.

We have released new features in the past. There are a few things that are different this time around, with the current set of features to be launched.

  • We are attempting to broaden the use of patent analytics within the organization. We would like to make patent analytics accessible to individuals not necessarily conversant with IP. Useful insights will be delivered to them, without the need to perform complex steps, that would help support informed decision making.
  • Introducing predictive analytics to figure the growth trajectories of various technology trends. Patent analytics, for the most part, is descriptive in nature, using data from the recent past to understand the current landscape. This is then expanded intelligently to predict future events. We have attempted to extend descriptive analytics in a rigorous manner to incorporate predictive techniques using both patent and non-patent data, to improve technology forecasting.
  • In addition to the above, we have introduced a greater degree of automation for the more common IP analysis tasks and workflows.

So stay tuned for all the latest from us. We will shortly return with more information.